Company Let's Play Policies

Below is a list of companies and their policies regarding Let's Play content. This is currently a curated list while we work on building some tools for our community to help edit and maintain the list. If you want to change, update, or add to the list please use our contact form.

Company Game(s) Known For Permission Condition Source
10tons Library JYDGE YES None Policy
11 bit studios This War of Mine This War of Mine YES None Facebook
3909 (Lucas Pope) Papers Please Papers Please YES None F.A.Q.
82 Apps Library Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball YES None Site
2K Games Library Borderlands, BioShock, X-Com, Civilization Yes Non-commercial only Support article
Abbey Games Library Reus YES None Reddit
Adhesive Games HAWKEN HAWKEN YES Email them Site
Adrian Schuurmans Library Combat Tanks YES Some (See Tweet) Tweet
AlienTrap GamesLibraryCapsizedMAYBE None Site
All Civilized PlanetsLibraryExpanderYESNoneSite
Analgesic ProductionsAnodyneAnodyneYESNoneSite
Apogee SoftwareLibraryDuke Nukem 3D, Rise of the TriadYES None Reddit
Arcen GamesLibraryAI WarYES None Site
Arges SystemsLibraryHairy TalesYES None Reddit
Artery GamesLibrarySecret of the Magic CrystalsYES None Twitter
Atelier 801LibraryTransformice!YES None Twitter
Aterdux Legends of Eisenwald Legends of Eisenwald YES None Steam forum
Atlus Library Persona MAYBE Email them AlloySeven
Bacon Bandit GamesLetter Quest: Grimm's JourneyLetter Quest: Grimm's JourneyYESNoneTwitter
Badland StudioLibraryKinetic VoidYES None Steam page
BattleGoat StudiosLibrarySupreme Ruler Series, Supreme Ruler 1936YES NoneTweet
Beamdog Library Baldur's Gate Probably not Forum post
BeautiFun Games Library Nihilumbra YES None Site
Ben Johnson Library Sky Nations Yes None Site
Berserk Games Tabletop Simulator Tabletop Simulator Yes None Bottom of page
Bethesda Softworks Library Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored Yes Some Site
bignic games Library Corporate Lifestyle Simulator Yes Link to the game in Steam Tweet
Big RobotSir, You Are Being HuntedSir, You Are Being HuntedYES None Forum Post
BlizzardLibraryStarCraft, WarCraft, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, DiabloYESSome Terms
Blue Bottle GamesLibraryNEO ScavengerYES None Site
Blue Mammoth Games Library Brawlhalla YES How can we help? None Site
BlueLine Game StudiosLibraryHiveYES None Tweet
Bohemia InteractiveLibraryArmAYES Fill out form & Email them Terms
Bossa StudioLibrarySurgeon Simulator 2013YES None Twitter
Boss BaddieLibrarySatan Sam, Lunnye Devitsy, Wake, Really Big Sky, Big Sky InfinityYES None Twitter
BrainiteTesseract!Tesseract!YES None Site
Brain BlinksLibraryCrashed LanderYES None Site
Brain ConnectedSomyeol YES None Site
Broken RulesLibraryAnd Yet It MovesYES Link to site Twitter
Bullet Game StudiosLibraryHauntedYES Link to site Twitter
Bumble Bee GamesLibraryGhostControl Inc.YESEmail them Site
Capcom Library Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, and Monster Hunter No Emails & Reddit post
Capybara games Library Super Time Force YES Link to site Site
Carbon GamesLibraryAirMechYES None Site
CCP Games Library Eve Online YES Some Policy
CD Projekt Red Library The Witcher MAYBE Email them AlloySeven
Cellar Door GamesLibraryRogue LegacyYES None Tweet
Chainsawesome GamesLibraryBeatBlasters IIIYES None Site
Cheese and Bacon GamesLibraryBit BeastYES None Site
Christine LoveLibraryAnalogue: A Hate StoryYES None Site
Chucklefish Library Starbound, Stardew Valley, etc. YES Depends on game, check individual game sites Starbound, Stardew Valley
ClockBot GamesLibrary YES None reddit
Code AvariceLibraryParanautical ActivityYES None Site
Codemasters Library DIRT 3 YES No? see the site Site
Cold Beam GamesLibraryBeat HazardYES Link to buy page faq
Compulsion Games Library Contrast YES Some site
CovcommLibraryqueenofrageYES None Tweet
Creative AssemblyLibraryTotal War SeriesMAYBE Email them Wiki
CrypticSea Library Gish, Sub Rosa, Skate or Dont, Hockey? YES None Site
Crytek Library Far Cry, Crysis, etc. YES Some Policy
Dark Vale Games Library Nekro YES None Tweet
Daybreak Game Company Library Everquest, Planetside 2. H1Z1, etc. YES Some Terms
Daydalus StudioLibrary MAYBE Email them AlloySeven
Deep Silver Library Risen, Risen 2: Dark Waters YES Tweet
Dejobaan Games, LLC Elegy for a Dead World Elegy for a Dead World YES Press Kit
Devolver DigitalLibrarySerious Sam, Hotline MiamiYES None Awesome
Die Gute FabrikLibrarySportsfriends, Where Is My Heart, Johann Sebastian JoustYES None Site
Digital Extremes Library Warframe YES None Site
Divine Knight GamingLibrary YES Fair Use Appliestweet
Digitalmindsoft LibraryMen of War: Assault Squad, Men of War, Call to ArmsYES  None Email with link to forum
djoslinBlooprent YES None site
Double FineLibraryPsychonauts, The Cave, Brütal LegendYES None site
DrinkBox StudiosLibraryGuacameleeYES None site
@DushanChaciej gamesRisk of DeathRisk of DeathYES None tweet
EA/MaxisLibraryThe Sims 3, Simcity, FIFAMAYBE Email them alloyseven
Edge of reality Library? Loadout YES See the FAQ FAQ
Ed Key & David Kanaga Proteus Proteus YES None site forums
EGOSOFT Library "X" series of space sims YES Some FAQ
Electro Chango S.A. de C.V. SquadLibraryKerbal Space ProgramYES None faq
ElefantopiaLibraryMcDroidYES None reddit
EnkisoftwareAvoyd YES None site
Endless Fluff GamesLibrary Valdis Story: Abissal City YES None Forum
Entheogen StudiosLibraryZigfrakYES None site
Epic GamesLibraryGears of War series, Unreal seriesYES Some terms
Eyebrow InteractiveLibraryClosureYES None reddit
Eyesodic GamesLibraryReapers End, Days of ExtinctionYES None
Eko SoftwareLibraryHow to Survive GameYES None?Tweet
Facepunch Studios Library Garry's Mod, Rust YES None Garry's mod Rust
Fatshark Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide YES None Forum post
Firefly StudiosLibraryStronghold Series, Stronghold KingdomsYES None Terms
FlipFlyLibraryRace the SunYES None Tweet
Focus Home InteractiveLibrary YES None Site
Forsbit Library Monster Run YES None Twitter
Fragment ProductionRescue: Everyday HeroesRescue 2013: Everyday Heroes, Rescue: Everyday Heroes (U.S./Int.)YES Link to Steam Reddit
Francisco Téllez de MeneasesLibraryUnepicYES None Web
Frictional GamesLibraryAmnesia: The Dark DescentYES None forum
Frontier Developments Library Elite: Dangerous Maybe Non-comercial, email for monetization permision Forum post
FrozenByte Library Trine YES None site
Full ControllLibrarySpace Hulk, Jagged Alliance: FlashbackYESNone, even though games Games Workshop might not be Facebook
Gaijin EntertainmentLibraryWar ThunderYESSome site
Garrett Cooper Black IceBlack IceYES None site
Gaslamp GamesLibraryDungeons of DredmorYES Copyright notice in description Blog
Galactic CafeThe Stanley ParableThe Stanley ParableYES None Blog
Games FoundryGames FoundryFolk TaleYES None Site
Games Of EdanZygoteZygoteYES None Site
Glass Knuckle GamesLibraryNoir Syndrome, DumbleYES None site
Going Loud StudiosLibraryDLC QuestYES None site
Golden Hammer SoftwareLibraryBig Mountain Snowboarding, Trick Shot BowlingYESNone site
Goldhawk InteractiveLibraryXenonautsYES Some terms
Greenheart GamesGame Dev TycoonGame Dev TycoonYES Some eula
Grinding Gear Games Library Path of Exile YES None faq
Grip Digital Library The Solus Project YES None site
Hairbrained Schemes StudioLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Hammerwing StudiosLibrary YES Link to Site site
Hanako GamesLibraryMagical DiaryYES Link to site reddit
Hapa GamesAscendantAscendantYES Link to site site
Hazardous SoftwareAchronAchronYES None (link to site appreciated) site
Hello Games Library No Man's Sky YES None Blog
Hi Rez StudiosLibrarySmite YES Email Them F.A.Q
HitboxLibraryDustforceYES None site
Hopoo GamesRisk of RainRisk of RainYES None  site
Hotdogtopus Library Don't Forget the Bard! YES Some post
Humble HeartsLibraryDust: An Elysian TailYES None tweet
IBwWG (In the Beginning was the Word Game) Library Willy and Mathilda's Houseboat Adventure Game YES Email them first Tweet
Ice Pick LodgeLibraryPathologic, Knock-Knock YES None Tweet
Ilumbo YES None Site
Image & Form games Library SteamWorld Dig YES None Site
Insomniac Games IP Owned by Insomniac including "Outernauts, Fuse, Sunset Overdrive, Edge of Nowhere, and Song of the Deep" "Spyro" & "Ratchet & Clank" series YES Credit and link to their website site
Instant KingdomDriftmoon YESNonesite
Introversion SoftwareLibraryPrison ArchitectYES Some IS Support Page
Isaac Karth Library YES None tweet
I-Illusions Library Space Pirate Trainer YES Fill out form Form
jomarcenter gamesLibraryTown of illustive seriesyesLink to game requiredLet's play Policy
Junction SharkLibraryNightmarish Endeavours, DimensimYES See Tweettweet
Kalypso MediaLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Kerberos ProductionsLibrary Sword of the Stars, Kaiju A-Go-GoYes None site
Kitsune GamesLibrary YES None site
Klei EntertainmentLibraryDon't StarveYES None site
KonamiLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
kouriIbIbYES site
KrillbiteAmong The Sleep, The PlanAmong The SleepYES None Forum Post
Larian StudiosLibraryDivinity: Dragon CommanderYES Email them Site
The LayaboutsLibraryViViDYES Link to game page on libraryF.A.Q
Legend StudioLibraryAsteriaYesNoneSite
Level Up Labs LibraryDefender's QuestYES None Site
Little Big MMOLibraryGangs of SpaceYES None forum
LocomalitoLibrary YES None twitter
Logic ArtistsLibraryExpeditions: ConquistadorYES None reddit
Longbow GamesLibrary YES None reddit
Lost PixelLibraryFrogatto & FriendsYES None image
Machine 22 Library Bret Airborne YES None twitter
MarineVerse VR Regatta VR Regatta YES Email them FAQ
Matt CohenParanormalParanormalYES None Steam Forum
Matt GlanvilleLuminescaLuminescaYES None twitter
Matt Thornson TowerFall Ascension TowerFall Ascension YES None Steam Forum
Michael Todd GamesLibraryElectronic Super JoyYES None Blog
Microsoft Game Studios Library YES Some rules
Mike BithellLibraryThomas Was AloneYES None tweet
Mikeware ALL Suitor (WinMobile) YES Link Let's Play Policy
Minor Key GamesLibraryEldritchYES None eula
MojangLibraryMineCraftYES Some terms
MossmouthLibrarySpelunkyYES Some Blog
MousechiefLIbraryDangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, 7 Grand Steps.YES None site
moWOW The Way Home The Way Home YES None Let's Play Policy
Nabi StudiosLibraryToribashYES None Dev chat
Ndemic CreationsPlague Inc, Plague Inc:EvolvedPlague Inc:EvolvedYES None FAQ
New World InteractiveInsurgencyInsurgencyYES None tweetsteam forum
Nexon Library MapleStory Yes "Non-commercial" although ad supported is OK Official Policy
Niklas Riewald GamesPlantcore YES Some Blog
Nintendo Whitelisted games Mario, Zelda, etc. YES Nintendo Creators Program Site
Nonadecimal CreativeAfterdeathAfterdeathYES None gameplay video page
THQ Nordic Library ArcaniA Gothic Yes Some Video Policy
Northway GamesLibraryIncredipede, RebuildYES None site
NutcaseNightmareLibraryNothing to Hide, :the game:YESNoneCopyright Page
Oddworld InhabitantsLibraryThe entire Oddworld series of games (Abe's Oddysee, etc.)YES None reddit
OmNomCom YES Tweet
Orangehat Tech Library ScrumbleShip YES None site
Overidon Omnimedia Library Double Memory YES None Steam announcement
Overpowered Games Library Telos, FishMoto YES None site
Owlchemy Labs Library Job Simulator YES Fill out form Permission generator
Owl CaveLibraryRichard & Alice , SepulchreYES None site
Paper Dino SoftwareSave the DateSave the DateYES None site
Paradox InteractiveLibraryEuropa UniversalisYES Some youtube Site
Perfect World EntertainmentSee homepageTorchlight, Blacklight: Retribution, Star Trek OnlineMAYBE Some site
Phr00t's SoftwareLibrary 3079, 3089YES None Twitter
Pixel ProneLibraryEpic InventorYES None site
PixelscopicLibraryDelver's DropYES None site
PlayDeadLibraryLimboMAYBE Some site
Play NimbusLibraryWobblesYES None site
Positech GamesLibrary YES None reddit
Project BCLibrary YES None reddit
Psydra Games Dark Scavenger Dark Scavenger YES None Site
Psyonix Rocket League Rocket League YES None Forum post
Puny Human GamesLibraryBlade SymphonyYES None Puny Human sitereddit
Quantic DreamSee homepageBEYOND: Two soulsNO
Rain GamesTeslagradTeslagradYES None Statement
Re-LogicLibraryTerrariaYES None faq
Red 5 StudiosLibrary YES None site
Red Barrels GamesOutlastOutlastYES See policy Red Barrels Contact Us Page
Refactored GamesUnclaimed WorldUnclaimed WorldYES None site
Remedy EntertainmentLibraryAlan WakeYES See FAQ faq
Red Panda GamesLibraryCurse of Slate Rock Manor, Host Holic, Nowhere SafeYES None
Revenge GamesLibraryRegretYES None Twitter
Riot Games Library League of Legends, Stonehearth YES Some terms
Rubicon DevelopmentLibraryCombat Monsters, Great Big War GameYES None
Robot EntertainmentLibraryOrcs Must DieYES None site
Robot Loves KittyLibraryLegend of DungeonYES None FAQ
Robotronic GamesLibraryGnomoriaYES None site
Romino GamesLibraryAwesomenautsYES None site
RuneStormLibraryViscera Cleanup DetailYES None Tweet
Runic Games Library torchlight ,2 YES Some Terms
Scraping Bottom Games Fictorum Fictorum YES None Reddit
SCS SoftwareLibraryEuro Truck Simulator 2YES None Licence
Sean HoganLibraryAnodyneYES None site
Serious BrewCargo CommanderCargo CommanderYES None
SFB GamesLibraryHaunt the House: Terrortown, Detective GrimoireYESNoneMonetize Permission
Shark Punch The Masterplan The Masterplan YES Link to site Site
Shining Rock Software Banished Banished YES None FAQ
Signal StudiosLibrary YES None forum
Silk GamesNEStalgiaNEStalgiaYES None Twitter
Simon RothMaiaMaiaYES None site
Sinister DesignLibrary YES None reddit
Ska Studios Library The Dishwasher, Charlie Murder YES Credit and link to their site Site
SMPTownsTownsYES Some terms
Snowrunner LibrarySoda Drinker Pro / Vivian ClarkYES None site
Sony Online EntertainmentLibraryDCUO, Everquest, Planetside 2YES Some site
Sophie HoldenLibrary YES None reddit
Spaces of Play Spirits Spirits YES None site
Spiderweb Software Library Avernum YES None Forum post
SpotkinContraption MakerContraption MakerYES None Forum
SpryFox ALL TripleTown YES None Zendesk
Square Enix
  • Games developed outside Japan under one policy
  • Individual policies for those developed in Japan
Final Fantasy Mostly YES Some
A Stranger Gravity Apsis Apsis YES None Site
Studio Wildcard ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Survival Evolved YES None Steam forum
SubsetLibraryFTLYES None site
SubsoapLibrary YES None site
Supergiant Games Library Bastion YES Some terms
Superhot Team Superhot Superhot YES None Kickstarter comments
Swing Swing SubmarineLibraryBlocks That Matter, Tetrobot and Co.YES Nonetwitter
Taitale StudiosLibraryNovus AEternoYES None Forum
Take-TwoLibrary YES?Some terms
TaleWorlds EntertainmentLibraryMount & BladeYES None forum
TameTickLibraryCardinal QuestYES None reddit
Team 17LibraryWormsYES None site
Team KryllLibraryBelow KryllYES None site
Team Meat / Edmund McMillen Library Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac YES? None formspring
Telltale Games Library The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales of Monkey Island YES No Monetization Forum post
Terrible Posture GamesLibraryTower of GunsYES Link to buy page forum post
Terry CavanaghLibrarySuper Hexagon, VVVVVVYES None site
The Fun Pimps7 Days to Die7 Days to DieYES None EULA
The DomaginariumLibraryEnolaYES Link to website Twitter
The Indie StoneLibraryProject ZomboidYES None site
Toco GamesLibraryLast KnightYES None faq
TopWare InteractiveLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Torn Banner StudiosLibraryChivalry: Medieval WarfareYES None faq
Trendy EntertainmentDungeon DefendersDungeon DefendersYES Some faq
Triple.B.TitlesLibraryRing RunnerYES None faq
Trion WorldsLibrary YES Some terms
Tripwire InteractiveLibraryKilling FloorYES None site
Twisted JeniusLibraryTwisty's Asylum EscapadesYES None Forum Post
Uber EntertainmentLibraryPlanetary AnnihilationYES None FAQ
UbisoftLibraryEverythingYES None Forum Post
Unknown WorldsLibraryNatural Selection 2YES Some site
ValorwareLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
ValveLibraryHalf-Life, Team Fortress 2YES None site
Vblank EntertainmentLibraryRetro City RampageYES None permission page
Vertigo GamingLibraryCook, Serve, Delicious!, The Oil BlueYES None web page
VizionEckVizionEckVizionEckYES None Forum Post
VlambeerLibrarySuper Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Nuclear ThroneYES None personalized permission generator
Warner Bros. InteractiveLibrary MAYBE Email them alloyseven
WayforwardLibraryDucktales remastered, ShantaeYES None (will be stated on site later) Twitter
Wakeskater StudioLibrarySBX: InvasionYES None twitter
Winter WolvesLibrary YES None reddit
Witch BeamAssault Android Cactus YES None Site
WolfireLibraryOvergrowth, ReceiverYES None twitter
Worthless Bums Steam Marines Steam Marines YES None twitter
Wube Software Factorio Factorio YES Some Site
Wulven StudiosLibraryShadow EraYES Some terms
Yacht Club GamesShovel KnightShovel KnightYES NoneSite
ystygamesLibrary YES None site
Young Horses, Inc Octodad Octodad Yes Some Site
Zeboyd GamesLibraryCthulhu Saves the WorldYES None twitter
Zen StudiosLibraryZen Pinball, CastleStorm, KickbeatYES None Forum,Tweet
Zeppelin StudioScheinScheinYESnoneFacebook
Zero point softwareLibraryInterstellar marinesYES None forum
Zombie StudiosBlacklight: RetributionBlacklight: Tango Down, Blacklight: RetributionYES Free to View Site
Team Shanghai AliceTouhou Project MAYBE Email them archive
Zoryth Games Library The MonsterYES Show About Screen F.A.Q